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James William Yoon jyoon at ocad.ca
Wed Dec 15 20:15:57 UTC 2010

Hello all,

In anticipation of a number of redesigns around the Fluid website, Infusion
builder, demo portal, and other web sites/products, I've put together a
couple of different style ideas together and posted them to the wiki. They
can be found here:


A few notes/thoughts:
- The goal is to give Fluid a fresh new look, and be more visually
consistent across our sites/products (some of our pages look as though they
live independently when they should be tied into closer to the Fluid family:
e.g., builder, demo portal)
- Within each of the style ideas, there's a good deal of variation in colour
and contrast. This is a deliberate attempt at exploring some of the contrast
manipulations we could have with UI options while maintaining visual appeal.
(one might want to even think of any and all of these styles as
transformations of the same content)
- As this is a "style guide/suggest", this is _not_ an end-to-end design
proposal: the general visual aesthetic and persistent elements (navigation
bar, footer, type choice, colour palettes, etc.) are worth looking at, but
all of the "content" layouts are dummy fillers.
- License considerations: with the exception of Myriad Pro, all fonts used
were open source; images are licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic;
Twitter icon taken from Twitter.com's resources, but all other graphic
assets were produced under Fluid CLA.
- This is ongoing work, and more tuning and explorations are on their way.

As usual, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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