1.3 Update... this is what's left to do: Update 4

Michelle D'Souza michelled33 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 15:51:46 UTC 2010

I've reviewed FLUID-3819 and my only finding is a possible issue in the test. This should not hold up QA.

I've also reviewed the linting that was done in revision 10420 on Fluid.js and DataBinding.js and those are fine.

On 2010-12-15, at 10:24 AM, Justin Obara wrote:

> Plan for testing:
> Once reviews for FLUID-3819, FLUID-3778, and  linting are done, we can start testing with the following exceptions.
> - Reorderer (also needs review for FLUID-3711)
> - Pager (also needs review for FLUID-3822)
> - a11y Demo (also needs review for FLUID-3799)
> - Uploader (also needs all the uploader reviews and remaining framework reviews)
> What's left to do:
> There are three general tasks left that we have said people can still commit against: FLUID-3881 (unsupported api), FLUID-3879 (Readme, can be done during testing), and FLUID-3778 (remove DOS line endings, this one is now ready for review, see below).
> Also we have linting to do. The plan for that is to review the framework, reorderer, and pager linting changes that are already committed will be reviewed. The rest of the framework patches that are up will be committed post release. All other linting will be reviewed and committed.
> We still have a bunch of jiras to review. 
> The uploader issues will be reviewed as a whole and covers roughly 12 jiras. 
> Antranig and Michelle to review.
> 1 Reorderer issue (FLUID-3711).
> Colin will review
> 3 Framework jiras ( FLUID-3825, FLUID-3819, FLUID-3771)
> Colin and Michelle will review
> 1 pager jiras (FLUID-3822)
> Antranig to review
> FLUID-3778 (DOS line endings)
> Justin to review
> FLUID-3799 (a11y demo **componentizing will be done for another release**)
> Needs review and commit
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