1.3 Update... this is what's left to do.

Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 23:27:59 UTC 2010

There are three general tasks left that we have said people can still commit against: FLUID-3881 (unsupported api), FLUID-3879 (Readme), and FLUID-3778 (remove DOS line endings, this one is now ready for review, see below).

On top of these three, FLUID-3283 (updating instructions for demos), FLUID-3799(a11y demo needs some code changes to pass review) and a new blocker that Yura found, FLUID-3898 (Dead Man's Blur is not working).

We still have a bunch of jiras to review. 

The uploader issues will be reviewed as a whole and covers roughly 12 jiras. 
Antranig and Michelle to review.

1 Reorderer issue (FLUID-3711).
Colin will review

5 Framework jiras ( FLUID-3825, FLUID-3819, FLUID-3771, FLUID-3730, FLUID-3487 )
Colin and Michelle will review

2 pager jiras (FLUID-3822, FLUID-2244)
Antranig to review

FLUID-3779 (turning of debug mode)
Anyone but Justin

FLUID-3778 (DOS line endings)
Anyone but Antranig
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