Implementation for FLUID-3711

Lam, Mike mlam at
Mon Dec 13 15:23:12 UTC 2010


For sure.  I'll let you know what I find.


> Hi Antranig,
> Some comments below.
> On 2010-12-13, at 3:40 AM, Antranig Basman wrote:
>> At length I have come up with an implementation of FLUID-3711/FLUID-3708 that apppears to work under NVDA. A lot of my initial problems seem caused by the fact that live regions simply do not function at all with NVDA under Windows 2000, which is the OS I have in my VM. Switching to Windows XP allows at least some functionality for live regions - however some aspects of ARIA still seem broken, for example audible feedback for progress bars. We will most likely be looking at this issue wrt. the Uploader today. I am using the stable "2010.2" release of NVDA for testing.
> For this release we put in some work on the Progress component. Unless the uploader does something to block the aria from the progress bar, I don't think you will need to worry about it too much, but I might be missing something.

In NVDA 2010.2b2, I didn't hear the telltale progress bar beeps on the Uploader's total progress bar. I think this may well be a regression in the Uploader.

Mike, can you do a side-by-side comparison between the version of Uploader in the AEGIS demo branch and trunk to see if we've got a bug? If it didn't work in the AEGIS demo branch, we should decide if this is required functionality for the release (I think it probably is) and implement it.

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