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Justin and I were just chatting about adding a line of text that said "Viewing page 1. Showing records 1 - 10 of 164 items, sorted by Members column in ascending order." or something like that. It'd be a work-around... and also a fix outside of the component that would be up to the implementer to add, but it helps quickly give the demo data/functionality some context for now.

I'm still learning ARIA but could we do something similar as the progress demo where there's feedback after an action via live-region? 

Also perhaps the tooltip "Select to sort" could be more informative about the current state. "Select to sort in descending order" implies the current state is ascending for example.


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Harris and I have been looking into the following jiras, which all have to do with sorting the data in the pager component.

After column sorted, no screen reader confirmation/indication of the fact

No screen reader indication whether a column is/will be sorted ascending or descending

No screen reader indication that a column has been used for sorting

Jan had suggested that we look at the aria-sort property.

Harris mocked up some tests for this, but the screen readers weren't reading them back. We have confirmed that Firefox is exposing it, but it seems like the readers just aren't supporting it yet.

So the question is, what should we do? We can implement aria-sort , when the screen readers finally support it, it will work. Otherwise we could implement a work around.

I would suggest that we at least create a patch of the aria-sort implementation and if we don't commit it to trunk we should make a branch so that we have something to take to the screen reader vendors. We will definitely attempt to contact NVDA and possibly JAWS about getting it working.


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