Some additional feedback on V3 kiosk design

James William Yoon james.yoon at
Wed Sep 30 16:04:30 UTC 2009

Hey folks,

I have some extra comments I didn't slip in at yesterday's design meeting:

In your previous wireframes, I really liked how you had introduced
content on the interface incrementally--a choice between different
tour types, and then a choice between different tours, and then a
summary map view of the tours and the space you'd be visiting. While
maybe a bit text heavy at times, it did a good job of leading the user
through the stages incrementally.

In the new wireframes, you've simplified it by combining all these
things into a single interface, and I'm a bit torn between the two
paradigms (unified interface vs. incremental, staged interface). While
I like how most actions are available from the main screen and the
visitor never really "leaves" it, I'm concerned that it gives too much
to the visitor at once, and that it doesn't lead the visitor through a
process. After spending time with the interface, it's clear to me how
it's intended to work, but when I first saw it I was initially a bit
confused and wasn't sure what I should be doing at the main screen
(this could be just my bias having just come from the previous
wireframes). Do you think we could think of ways to make the process
more clear?

(Also, somewhat nitpicky semantic issue, related to process: the
"preview" button doesn't really occur to me as the place I should go
to next to finish the process--it should somehow be clear/well-implied
to the visitor that once they've selected one or more tours, they're
supposed to touch "preview" to continue. Maybe this could be renamed
to something like "finish"? Maybe this part could be rethought a bit.)

That said, I generally like the new kiosk designs, and how it's
incorporated a lot of the feedback that the DIA had, especially wrt to
dealing with the complexity of seeing too many artifact pins on a map,
using region blobs instead of lots of artifact pins, limiting the
number of tours one can put on, and focusing more on the tour theme or
subject in the kiosk interface instead of the artifacts themselves.
Really great work folks!

Hope this helps!


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