Mobile features and functionality list

James William Yoon james.yoon at
Tue Sep 29 17:34:29 UTC 2009

Howdy all,

I've started a page on the wiki called called "Mobile features and
functionality list" where I'm trying to provide an overview of the
features we've collectively been thinking of putting into the mobile
application, both for this grant year, and for the future. A priority
column on the right side indicates how likely it is that the feature
will make it into the year 1 release, "1" indicating that it's
something we're trying hard to push out by April 2010.

The page is a living document, and (very!) rough right now as I'm
still trying to aggregate all the ideas we've had over the past few
months (Kevin's scenario interaction overview has been helpful in that
regard --
Edits are welcome.

The page can be found here:


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