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Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Wed Sep 23 15:13:36 UTC 2009

Hi all,

One of the issues on the bug parade for the Infusion Builder tool is to 
improve the accessibility of the tool by providing a clearer description 
of how the tool works on the website. This is listed as Of course, a better 
description will benefit everyone.

I'm hoping that the Fluid community members will comment on how best to 
describe this tool, based on the points below and the current text on 
the website ( I'm trying to balance the 
need to describe the tool effectively while not being too verbose.

Here are some brief points describing how the tool works:
- When you select a module by checking a check box, it's dependencies 
are selected (checked) automatically.
- When you select multiple modules, all the modules' dependencies will 
be selected.
- Unselecting a module, automatically unselects its dependencies (unless 
another module is selected which also has the same dependency).
- The download package will automatically include all required 
dependencies, even if you have unchecked them. For instance if you 
select the "Fluid Infusion Framework", but then unselect "jQuery", you 
will still get jQuery in your download package
- Reset unselects all the check boxes.
- The download button becomes enabled once at least one module is selected.

Since this page will be on the fluid project website, I'd really 
appreciate feedback.

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