More demos to remove

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at
Wed Sep 23 13:37:18 UTC 2009

On 22-Sep-09, at 5:17 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

>> The following will be moved into the portal:
>> standalone-demos\quick-start-examples\renderer\html\data-bound- 
>> menu.html
>> standalone-demos\quick-start-examples\renderer\html\id-based- 
>> inventory.html
>> standalone-demos\quick-start-examples\renderer\html\programmatic- 
>> tree-menu.html
>> standalone-demos\quick-start-examples\renderer\html\selector-based- 
>> inventory.html
> I'm not convinced these particular examples are suitable polished  
> demos. I think they're useful as things to study while you're  
> learning the Renderer, but I don't think that they illustrate  
> succinctly to a user how the Renderer works, at least in their  
> current form. Can we also consider creating a new Renderer demo to  
> the portal, or modifying one of these, in time for Infusion 1.1.2?

Colin, I'd be happy to help modify one of these demos to make it more  
suitable, if you could help to clarify what about them might need  
changing, and how :-)

What are you envisioning when you say "illustrate succinctly to a user  
how the Renderer works?"

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