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Thanks for forwarding this message, James. I have just received it also from
the list and this reference has immediately focused my attention. I'll read
in detail. It seems it can be really interesting for us!

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> Hi Folks,
> CHNM Labs recently published a new report, Mobile for Museums, that
> includes
> an assessment of the field, development recommendations, and 3 replicable
> prototypes. Everything is accessible here:
> http://chnm.gmu.edu/labs/mobile-for-museums/ and below is the
> announcement.
> In the Resources section, you will find links to the Museums and Mobile
> Adoption survey results that some of you participated in earlier this year.
> Thank you to everyone who participated and offered suggestions along the
> way.
> Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments about the
> report.
> Best wishes,
> Sheila
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> CHNM Labs Report on Mobile Usage in Museums
> CHNM Labs released a new research report today, Mobile for Museums
> http://chnm.gmu.edu/labs/mobile-for-museums/. Funded by the Samuel H.
> Kress
> Foundation, the report assesses how art museums are incorporating mobile
> technologies into visitor experiences and offers replicable mobile
> prototypes based on those findings.
> A survey of the field shows that for many years art museums have been at
> the
> forefront of offering their visitors learning experiences that extend
> beyond
> traditional exhibit labels. That trend continues as art museums add cell
> phone tours, podcasts, and platform-specific applications in an effort to
> capitalize on the commonly-owned portable devices-iPods, MP3 players,
> Blackberries, cell phones-that visitors already carry in their pockets.
> CHNM found that while all genres of museums are very interested in offering
> content and unique experiences using mobiles, their biggest challenge is
> working with small budgets and a small staff, limiting their ability to
> develop content for mobiles.
> To address these needs, Mobile for Museums offers recommendations and free,
> replicable prototypes based on this research on how to economically provide
> mobile users with positive experiences in and outside a museum.
> These prototypes include:
> . New plugins for the Omeka http://omeka.org software package allowing
> institutions to use already-created collections content and re-purpose it
> with plugins for use inside the gallery, including: Send to Mobile, Bar
> Codes, and Social Bookmarking.
> . Website design optimized for cross-platform mobile browsers that is
> accessible by a variety of mobile and smart phones, for possible use
> outside
> of the gallery.
> . A cross-platform application built in PhoneGap that harnesses the
> functionality native to a mobile device.
> These examples are simply proofs of concept, but we hope that by making
> them
> and the code available http://code.google.com/p/art-in-the-city/ we will
> provide the museum community with some fresh possibilities for mobile
> development.
> Finally, the report site includes a dynamic Resources section
> http://chnm.gmu.edu/labs/mobile-for-museums/resources/, with a Yahoo Pipe
> of
> feeds from museum-related websites discussing mobile topics. A public
> Zotero
> group offers a growing, annotated bibliography of current resources, and is
> open for all to join and to contribute other research in the field:
> http://www.zotero.org/groups/mobile_museums/items.
> CHNM encourages collaboration and discussion of our findings and
> prototypes,
> through commenting directly on the site. We hope that this research and
> development will encourage more institutions to share their development and
> experiments with the greater museum community.
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