Demo cleanup, and removals

Jacob Farber jacob.farber at
Wed Sep 16 16:35:11 UTC 2009

Hi Michelle,
So, with after analyzing the contents of all of our demos and seeing what we can clean up, here is what I found:

The following Quick Start Examples and Standalone Demos files and folders have been removed:
1.      quick-start-examples/
a.      gridReorderer (folder) ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/gridReorderer/
b.      layoutReorderer (folder) ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/layoutReorderer/
c.      imageReorderer (folder) ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/imageReorderer/
d.      listReorderer (folder) ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/listReorderer/
e.      uiOptions (folder) ==> superceded by: demo/uiOptions/
f.      reorderer/LayoutReorderer.html ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/layoutReorderer/

2.      standalone-demos/
a.      pager/Pager-renderer.html ==> superceded by: demo/pager/
b.      reorderer/improved-form-image-reorderer.html ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/imageReorderer/
c.      reorderer/image-reorderer.html ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/imageReorderer/
d.      reorderer/simple-todo-list.html ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/listReorderer/
e.      reorderer/sortable-styled-todo-list.html ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/listReorderer/
f.      reorderer/sortable-todo-list.html ==> superceded by: demo/reorderer/listReorderer/
g.      Progress (folder) ==> superceded by: demo/progress/

The following demos are in good shape inside the Demo Portal

1.      Pager (with Renderer)
2.      Reorderer: Grid
3.      Reorderer: List
4.      Reorderer: Image
5.      Reorderer: Layout
6.      UI Options
7.      Inline Edit: Simple

The following demos haven't been ported over...

1.      FSS: Base (reset, layout, text, themes)
2.      FSS: Mobile
3.      Renderer (there is so much here, how should it be presented?)
4.      Inline Edit: Rich
5.      Inline Edit: Dropdown
6.      Pager (w/o Renderer) *
7.      Keyboard A11y
8.      Reorderer: jquery tabs **
9.      Reorderer: table-tr **
10.     Reorderer: quick start example remnants *
11.     Table of Contents

* I would recommend we discard these demos - what do you think?
** Should these be refactored under Integration Demos? (this means we make them completely generic, maybe even part of a bigger demo)

Any feedback here would be much appreciated!

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