iphone walthrough

Alison Benjamin alison.benjamin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 21:07:50 UTC 2009


Armin & I recently did a walkthrough of an iphone usability test with
our colleague Everett, who uses the Voice Over screen reader. We
didn't have a working demo at the time so Armin & I described the
interface. Although Everett didn't actually use the demo, we learned a

Tips on how to use Voice Over:

Developers - please have a look at this page. It discusses a11y issues
with the iphone that we will have to address before we can do voice
over testing with a working demo.

General museum experience.

Although this wasn't UX testing per se, we did walk through the
interface and accomplish its tasks. Here are the results. This page
should be expanded and adapted for future mobile user testing results.

I'm happy to facilitate & help out with more UX testing in this round.


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