How to turn off inline editor

Cindy Qi Li at
Wed Sep 9 19:59:02 UTC 2009


This test script will help to understand my question:

The lines on the page are either toggles to expand/collapse the tree or
links to redirect the page. By clicking the icon at the top right corner,
the fluid inline editor is applied and all the lines become editable. My
question is how to use javascript, not refreshing page, to turn off the
inline editor when clicking the icon at the top right corner again, which
means all the lines are reverted back to toggles or links. One suggestion I
received (thanks to Justin and Colin) is to return false at event
"onBeginEdit". But it only prevents the inline editor from going into the
edit mode. All the inline editor features like mouseover, background color
change are still in place and the lines lose the functionalities of being
toggles/links. The best I hope to achieve is to revert the page back to the
initial state without the inline editor. Is this possible?

Another way I was trying is to remove the objects/attributes/events that are
added fluid.inlineEdits but seems never be able to clean up all. I end up
with the this test page.


- Cindy from ATutor team
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