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Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Wed Sep 9 13:47:45 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Here is a test URL to the a first version of the Infusion Builder.
It has been integrated into this test version of the website by 
incorporating an "Advanced download" link on the following page

Note: Even if you do not check (or uncheck) a module or third party 
library, if your component requires that code, that unchecked module 
will be included in the download. This is not the way we want the 
Builder to work in its final version. We would like to implement the 
"exclusions" functionality as described on, so that if you 
want to download a package and exclude jQuery, then you can. However, we 
need to pull in the designers to help with creating an interface for 
that functionality...a second phase to the builder.

We are interested in getting feedback: What do you think so far? Do you 
understand how to use it given the instructions on the page? Anything we 
should add or take away? Is the integration using an "advanced download" 
link (or something similar) sufficient, or do we need something more?

We also have a few accessibility questions: Does the page need more 
explanation for screen reader users? What is a good way to indicate the 
dependency auto checking that happens?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

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