Infusion Builder next steps for the 1.2 release

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Wed Sep 2 13:17:25 UTC 2009

I started some documentation here:
and have been planning to spend some of the weeks before release filling 
it in.

I'm not sure about promotion? I think Justin and Colin have been 
discussing something about an infrastructure SVN.


Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> On 21-Aug-09, at 3:51 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
>> Justin, Laurel, and I chatted briefly today about the Infusion 
>> Builder and what needs to get done at a high level before it will be 
>> ready for the Infusion 1.2 release.
>> ...
>> I think this will be an awesome addition to Infusion.
> I understand that the code is currently in the incubator section of 
> SVN. Are there plans to eventually promote the Builder to a 
> full-fledged Infusion component? If so, is that expected in the 1.2 
> timeline?
> If not, are there any plans for otherwise exposing the code itself to 
> the general public, e.g. inviting people to look at it, etc? I'm 
> wondering if there are any documentation needs for this tool for 1.2...
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