generation of fluid zip file name

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Fri Oct 30 16:31:49 UTC 2009

Hi everyone.

I've been wondering about the infusion ZIP file that is created by the 
ant build script.

At the moment it is "hard coded" that the file name is "infusion-" + 
fluid version + ""  for the source bundle, or
"infusion-" + fluid version + ".zip" for the minified bundle. See lines 
34, 123 and 128 in the build.xml file to confirm this.

I'm concerned about this, in that I also have to follow this convention 
in the Infusion Builder. So, if for some reason we decide to change this 
convention in the build.xml, then we will need to remember to
change this in the Infusion Builder too.

Is there a way that both utilities can get the full zip filename from 
somewhere, or that I can obtain the filename from the ant script? 
Perhaps we can create a simple ant task to return the generated 
filename. What do you think?

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