Alison Benjamin alison.benjamin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 03:38:07 UTC 2009


Here's a patch to change the role of the inline edit to that of a
textbox. It slipped my mind but then I started some personal jira
gardening and remembered it was outstanding.

It's an ARIA ontological tradeoff, and know there have been quite a
few discussions about this in the past on the list. It's too bad
WAI-ARIA doesn't have an inline edit role!

Making this change on our side of things should prevent a lot of
confusion for screen reader users (although it by no means solves
everything). Today I talked at some length about this with Laurie from
the ATRC, who helped me do some NVDA evaluations. I think the bottom
line is that using this role will allow the screen reader to give
users better expectations of the behaviour they should expect from
inline edit because it allows the screen reader to give a more
meaningful description of the affordances of the component. Buttons
were not thought to be editable during the first round of screen
reader UX testing I conducted. The next time we do UX testing, we can
assess what users think. But I think this should be committed for now.
 I attached the patch, & the notes I used in testing, to the JIRA.


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