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Jess Mitchell jess at
Tue Oct 27 02:59:31 UTC 2009

Dear All,

I want to pass along a Design process document.  My hope is that this  
roughly sketches out a process that we can all see a bit of our work  
in and we can use to help guide our activities.

While I don't want to discourage edits to this, I want to stress that  
this is a guide, not a how-to, and as such is meant to suggest and  
explain.  We'll need to discuss, as a design team, how to go about  
interpreting this and how to go about carrying out the work.  For  
instance, the last three boxes happen more in tandem than the first  
two -- in other words, the time between "cycles" is not equivalent and  
is not visually represented here.  I'd like to lead us through a  
discussion of this at the Tuesday design meeting.

The designs on mobile and kiosk did not directly follow this process,  
so I imagine there will be questions about going back and assessing  
whether or not reviewing some of these steps would be useful.  I leave  
that up for debate.  I think it's always the case that our designs can  
use a new look from a fresh perspective though.  In some cases though,  
this document merely makes explicit those activities we're already  
"naturally" carrying out...

I don't want this document to distract us from the work at hand --  
there is a temptation to spend a good bit of time attempting to harden  
even more -- and continually tweak -- this flow.  We have a lot of  
design work to do and again, this is a rough sketch to keep us on  
track as a distributed design team.

I'm looking forward to discussing it with all of you.


Jess Mitchell
Boston, MA, USA
Project Manager / Fluid Project
jess at
/ w / 617.326.7753  / c / 919.599.5378
jabber: jessmitchell at

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