MOA - itinerary proposal Draft v2

Leah Maestri leahmaestri at
Mon Oct 26 20:13:56 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Please find attached a second draft on the itinerary for our visit to the
Museum of Anthropology.

Based on discussions with Jess and Kevin, our goals for this meeting is to
gain more understanding of the visitor's experience and to have the Journey
Framework and Ontology guide these discussions. Sivia et al may have further
insights that can inform the designs of our kiosk/mobile interfaces.

Please feel free to voice suggestions, concerns and additions to the
document attached (particularly on the presentation of the itinerary. I
wonder if it's clear enough to understand?) I hope to send this out to Sivia
by the end of today/early tomorrow. The Journey Frameworks will also be
attached in my email to Sivia.

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