Research in the svn?

James William Yoon james.yoon at
Fri Oct 23 13:43:44 UTC 2009

Hey Alistair,

Good question!

I think it depends what we mean by "research". Here are my thoughts... 
If it's research in the form of:
- notes from presentations, website links, and other raw text-like 
material relevant to Fluid Engage, it belongs in the wiki
- journal papers, charts/graphs/diagrams authored by someone outside our 
project, etc., it may be something we can't put up either on the wiki or 
in svn, for copyright reasons
- other binary file materials relevant to Fluid Engage authored by our 
project, then yes, I think it belongs in the svn, and possibly the wiki too


Alistair Jones wrote:
> Hey all,
> Kevin: I've been going through the research you sent me a while back.
> Did you pull up anymore good stuff in the meantime?  If so send it my
> way, please!
> And a bigger question to the group:  Should our research documents
> live somewhere on the svn repository?  I think it could be really
> nice...  Thoughts?
> Alistair
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