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Thu Oct 22 19:56:51 UTC 2009

Hi Leah,

SVN assigns the date and author (person who has committed file) name to each file - so I don think we need to include this info in our naming convention?  Also, if we are placing the files in a directory called ...FE/ I'm questioning if would need to included this info?? 

I'm thinking more: (micro project name)_(what it is)_(file description).file extention  


That's my 2 cents!


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Hi all, 

I thought I'd start a discussion around the naming convention for the files we're uploading to SVN. 
Currently we're plopping things in without rhyme or reason and this can very quickly come back to bite us. 

I wanted to bring up a naming convention Kevin thought of a few weeks back. Here's an idea for a convention that has worked in the past for managing files: 

Date(MM-DD-YY)_project name abbreviation_ type of work description_title_author(s) abbreviated_version number. 

So if we were to use James and Vicki's sketches, they would be called: 

10-21-09_FE_wireframe-sketches_ kiosk-v4_ JM-VM_3.jpg 
10-21-09_FE_wireframe-sketches_ kiosk-v4_ JM-VM_4.jpg 

We may want to consolidate files like these into one PDF so they are more manageable. 
Any thoughts? 


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