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Victoria Moulder vmoulder at sfu.ca
Wed Oct 21 16:23:06 UTC 2009

* Sorry folks - see corrected due dates. V

Hi Leah and Kevin,

While at the ATRC, James and I have worked out a plan for the next couple of weeks.  Below is a list of next steps, if you have any questions please let us know:

Production (Vicki, Leah, Kevin) 
Due: today
- Please make sure you setup SVN and upload the files you think are relevant to production i.e wireframes, Journey Frameworks, and Ontologies.  Please png James if you need help!!

DIA Design Wireframes Drafts 04,05,06 (Vicki, Leah, Kevin) 
Due: Wednesday, Oct 28, 09

- Review: the attached document from Jenifer, then review Jame's UI drawings (drawings to follow) and rethink our In-museum kiosk UI designs. 

- Draw: based on this new information draw (pencil on paper) some ideas for how the interface could change. James encourages to go WILD!!! 

- Design Review: Bring these drawings to work on Monday and be ready to have a design review - the goal will be to come up with 3 UI Drafts  to conduct a paper prototype test with.

- FE Design Review: Once we select the 3 UI designs - then we'll build them out in illustrator and present them to James - Wednesday!

DIA Paper Prototypes Test (Vicki, Leah, Kevin) 
Due: Monday Nov 02, 09

- Test: we'll conduct casual user tests with revise designs based on our findings.

This is a great time for us to cut loose and rethink our contributions!! 

Best, Vicki 

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