Styling a <select>?

Colin Clark colinbdclark at
Tue Oct 20 15:28:31 UTC 2009

On 20-Oct-09, at 11:26 AM, Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
>> I believe Erin's wireframes were just using a quick-n-dirty way to  
>> show
>> a dropdown, and as stylized as it appears it really wasn't.
> The only reason I was concerned about the checkmark was the comments  
> at the bottom of the wireframe page. Here's the link again:
> In the comments, it says:
> MF + ATS 3/9/09: Looks good, unsure about the check mark. Is it  
> necessary/useful?
> EY: It is a common convention in many desktop applications. It shows  
> which option is selected even when the highlight is moved away from  
> the selected option.
> From this, I assumed that the designer felt the check mark was  
> necessary, or at least very desirable. But I'd be perfectly happy to  
> find out that a plain <select> is more than adequate!! It would make  
> my job much easier :-)

At least on the Mac, the checkmark is present out of the box when  
using the default controls. On other platforms, we're probably best to  
stick with their own native conventions, which will, again, come out  
of the box.



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