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Hi Leah,

Attached is my review with comments of the MOA Visit plan. My primary concern is in how you will be documenting observations, methods you'll use to analyze this data and how you'll present findings.

This maybe a discussion we'll need to have with the larger FE team to determine an outcome?

Lets talk more at the design MTG today!

Best, Vicki 

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This looks like a great start. I'll be interested to hear what Kevin and Vicki think once they are both back on the grid. 


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On Oct 16, 2009, at 3:55 PM, Leah Maestri wrote: 

Hi all, 

Here is a draft protocol of goals/activities I'd like to achieve during my visit at the MOA. Please feel free to add action items to the list. 
My preference is to leave this fairly informal, particularly when talking to Sivia and the other staff (if they're available.) Observations in the museum will be on my own, or if Kevin has time, with him as well. 

Once we nail this down I will send it to Sivia and try to schedule a time to meet with her. 

<Museum of Anthropology Visit – Protocol.docx> 

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