Proposed design svn structure

Steven Githens swgithen at
Tue Oct 20 14:59:32 UTC 2009

James William Yoon wrote:
> In terms of papers and presentations, there certainly is a space in
> the wiki for that, but I think, despite the redundancy, that there's
> value in putting them into the repository as well (having a
> consolidated area where all our design-related files live is part of
> the what the repository was all about!). Let's talk more about that
> this afternoon at the design meeting.

I'm a bit of an outsider so that should probably only be a fraction of a 
+1, but there is a lot of value in versioning your documents, images, 
office files.  Subversion is pretty good at handling binary files.  It 
can also be way less clunky than constantly uploading them in 
Confluence, via either the command line or Tortoise, etc.  Especially if 
you need to bundle them or perform bulk operations on them.

Unless maybe you're using some full blown content managements system 
like plone that has good versioning support, or maybe Confluence is good 
at that and I just haven't figured it out yet.


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