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Fri Oct 16 21:55:21 UTC 2009

Hi James,

This looks really good. The only question I have is for the first 4
directories. It goes svn/, then design/, then engage/... etc. Is the reason
for why *design/* lives outside of *engage/* because it's more related to
the entire fluid project and not specific to *engage/*? I guess in my mind
all the design work that we're doing is within *engage/*. Correct me if I'm

What about materials from conferences (i.e: powerpoints, papers, etc.) would
that go under one of the following?

Great stuff!

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 1:49 PM, James William Yoon
<james.yoon at>wrote:

> Hello all (but especially designers, since this affects you most!),
> Vicki and I spent the afternoon thinking about the sorts of files we
> have as FE designers (wireframes, stencils, pixel-perfect mockups,
> fonts, academic literature on UX/IxD and museum stuff, museum maps,
> testing protocols, ethics and consent forms, the journey frameworks
> and ontology, etc.), and then hacked away at the structure of our
> design svn.
> Here's what we're proposing:
> /svn   (the root)
>      /design   (where the designers live)
>            /engage   (where Fluid Engage lives)
>                  /admin   (general administrative files--project
> description, contact info, etc.)
>                  /mobile   (mobile micro-project)
>                        /wireframes
>                        /high-fidelity-mockups
>                        /interaction-flow-diagrams
>                        /stencils   (mobile wireframes toolkit)
>                        /mobile-design-testing-platform
>                  /kiosk   (kiosk micro-project)
>                        /wireframes
>                        /high-fidelity-mockups
>                        /stencils   (kiosk wireframes toolkit)
>                  /resources   (general designer toolkit and other
> Engage-specific resources)
>                        /museum-maps
>                              /detroit-institute-of-arts
>                              /mccord-museum
>                              /museum-of-the-moving-image
>                        /stencils
>                        /fonts
>                  /process    (design process stuff, like the Journey
> Frameworks and Ontology)
>                        /journey-frameworks
>                        /ontology
>                  /etc   (everything else)
>            /decapod   (where Fluid Decapod lives, if they so desired)
>                  ...
>            /collection-space   (where CSpace lives, if they so desired)
>                  ...
> Your thoughts, questions, and suggestions would be very helpful. In
> particular, ask yourselves whether you have (or will have) files that
> don't fit under this structure, and, more importantly, whether this
> structure makes sense to you.
> Developers, you all have much more experience than us in svn--does the
> structure make sense? Any potential svn snafus we should be aware of?
> Cheers,
> James
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