Proposed design svn structure

James William Yoon james.yoon at
Fri Oct 16 20:49:32 UTC 2009

Hello all (but especially designers, since this affects you most!),

Vicki and I spent the afternoon thinking about the sorts of files we
have as FE designers (wireframes, stencils, pixel-perfect mockups,
fonts, academic literature on UX/IxD and museum stuff, museum maps,
testing protocols, ethics and consent forms, the journey frameworks
and ontology, etc.), and then hacked away at the structure of our
design svn.

Here's what we're proposing:

/svn   (the root)
      /design   (where the designers live)
            /engage   (where Fluid Engage lives)
                  /admin   (general administrative files--project
description, contact info, etc.)
                  /mobile   (mobile micro-project)
                        /stencils   (mobile wireframes toolkit)
                  /kiosk   (kiosk micro-project)
                        /stencils   (kiosk wireframes toolkit)
                  /resources   (general designer toolkit and other
Engage-specific resources)
                  /process    (design process stuff, like the Journey
Frameworks and Ontology)
                  /etc   (everything else)
            /decapod   (where Fluid Decapod lives, if they so desired)
            /collection-space   (where CSpace lives, if they so desired)

Your thoughts, questions, and suggestions would be very helpful. In
particular, ask yourselves whether you have (or will have) files that
don't fit under this structure, and, more importantly, whether this
structure makes sense to you.

Developers, you all have much more experience than us in svn--does the
structure make sense? Any potential svn snafus we should be aware of?


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