Last push for Engage.

Yura Zenevich yura.zenevich at
Thu Oct 15 20:50:26 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to mention the last thing that we are trying to finish before
the engage is frozen. We added the index.html page (located in
kettle/src/webapp/engageDemo/html) as a start page for kettle + engage
demonstration. The initial issue that we had with that page was that we had
URLs to artifacts browse and view that contained "&" which was not
appropriate and caused problems in kettle. For that we had to add index.js
file that would go through the list of links and replace escaped ampersands
and with actual "&" to make our hrefs work with view and browse. Engage demo
in current stage works in eclipse however when trying to load index.html
from build war the files included in that index.html are not mounted and
hence, not found. However the directorial structure doesn't change for
engageDemo and the paths don't need to be rewritten. We appriciate, If you
have any suggestions.


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