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Victoria Moulder vmoulder at sfu.ca
Wed Oct 14 22:01:30 UTC 2009

Hi Jenifer et al,

Thank you for another fantastic meeting!! It is truly remarkable to be working in partnership with all of you at the DIA, along side a global coalition of designers and developers.

The “advance organizers” documentation will be very helpful.  Our design team is meeting this Friday to discuss strategies/tools for working through the next wireframe iteration.  Following this meeting we'll send you an update, with next steps and a possible meeting time.

Best, Vicki

Vicki Moulder
School of Interactive Arts & Technology 
Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC, Canada
vmoulder at sfu.ca

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Thanks to you and the rest of the team for another great meeting today. I really appreciate the enormous brain power you all are putting into this, and it is so very cool that smart people all over the world (literally) are working together to create this thing that we will test here in Detroit. 

During the meeting today I mentioned that we had “advance organizers” in the galleries, and that they seemed to correspond to a page in the wireframes where visitors were given a bit of information about a tour, to help them decide whether they wanted to add that tour to their “my tours” list. Here are pdfs of a few, along with the logic that goes into them. I thought the parallels were interesting and might help as you think through the details. The AOs are about 40cm high by 75cm wide and are located on stands at entrances to major suites of galleries. 

Could you please share with the rest of the team? 



Jennifer Wild Czajkowski 

Director, Interpretive Programs 

Dept of Learning & Interpretation 


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