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Alistair Jones ajonesolt at
Mon Oct 12 20:27:14 UTC 2009

It looks great! I am really enjoying these!

I made a note of any issue that popped into my head when going through
the wireframes.  Some things I think I have heard in conversations
before and others I would understand if I was being walked through the
wireframes but I tried to capture them all.  So this feedback is yours
to do as you please with:

- The icons on the first page seem very inviting to touch, as if they
were options. Would the user try to touch them and be confused when he
see the next screen?

- Is it odd that the button to select tours is labeled "Select Tour,"
and the boxes at the bottom waiting to hold selected tours, are also
labeled "Select Tour"?  Is that good or bad?

- What will the audio assisted tours do differently or more than
printing out a brochure?

- How do I cancel a tour? (Looking at the wireframes some more, I see it now)

- Can I reorder my tours?

- Can I send a personalize message if I send my tour?  How will my
friends know who the tour is from.

- How do user's input the email address? on screen keyboard?

- I like the format of the tour brochure!  I think it is great approach.

- I agree with Mike's comment on "search."  Why not "browse"?

Ok thats it, thanks for listening.  Again, great job Lee!  Feel free
to contact me if you have a question!


On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 7:09 PM, Michael S Elledge <elledge at> wrote:
> Hi Lee--
> These look very nice and informative. You may want to consider using a
> different term than "Search" on the "How to Start:" page, like "look over"
> as in "Use the right side panel to look over tours you'd like to take."
> Otherwise could be confusing since there isn't a search function.
> Speaking of there a search function somewhere on the kiosk?
> Sometimes people look for a particular painting or sculpture to sketch or
> visit.
> Mike
> Leah Maestri wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My apologies for this being so late. Attached is the latest wireframe
>> iteration based on our last meeting. Vicki will be designing different
>> tour-browsing options to show the , so those are still to come.
>> Here are the revisions I have made:
>> - Portal page – move touch screen icon to the bottom of the page, think
>> about how to show stages of process.
>> - Re-enforce the use of color in choosing exhibition – by outlining the
>> scroll selections.
>> - Page 3: come up with a different icon then the close icons for the
>> corner of the selected tours.
>> Please have a look through and feel free to send more feedback. I hope
>> everyone has a great thanksgiving and I'll talk to you soon!
>> Best,
>> Lee
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