1.1.2 Documentation

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 7 15:38:54 UTC 2009

Can do.

Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> I'm coordinating any updates necessary to our technical docs for the 
> 1.1.2 release.
> I've identified a few high-priority tasks that really must be done for 
> the release. They're at the top of the Documentation Tasks wiki page:
>     http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Documentation+Tasks
> If you'd like to help out with any of these tasks, Please let me know. 
> In particular:
> Jacob:
> Do you have time to look into the FSS tasks some time this week?
>   • Update the FSS docs to reflect any changes resulting from the 
> class name normalization
>   • Document the Mobile Fluid Skinning System theme for iPhone
> Laurel:
> If you want a break from testing some time this week, are you 
> interested in looking at
>   • Update each component's landing page's Demos section to reference 
> the new Portal
> It shouldn't take to long, and can be done in bits.
> Antranig:
> Do you think you might have time this week to double-check the Pager 
> API wiki page against the latest version of the code? I'm not sure how 
> recently it's been updated.
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