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Jess Mitchell jess at jessmitchell.com
Thu Oct 1 18:02:17 UTC 2009

Dear All,

I got an email from Jennifer from the DIA -- she wanted to check in on  
next steps.  I let her know that we are hard at work on a release plus  
our designers are iterating on everything we showed them in Detroit.   
I also let her know roughly what our own timeline would be for getting  
things back in front of them (kiosk).  So, below is a block of time  
that works for both Jennifer and David from the DIA.

The DIA is holding the following time/date combo EDT to meet with us.   
Can whomever would like to come to this meeting please hold that date/ 
time on your own calendar?

> Yes, both David and I are available on Wed the 14th. I’ll hold 1pm  
> to 5pm on the calendar and we’ll figure out specifics later – if  
> that day works for you all?


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