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Joan Garcia Vila jgarciavila at uoc.edu
Thu Oct 1 08:47:29 UTC 2009


This is an "Ask for review" mail.
Applied Colin's 1 and 2 suggestions to the code.

Jira: http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-3197

Thanks in advance,

--> Missatge original de Colin Clark (colinbdclark at gmail.com) per a Joan García Vila, Jacob Farber enviat el 30/09/2009 00:54:08

Hi Joan,

Great work on this patch, I'm impressed! You've definitely got all the  
necessary functionality in here, making our demo portal more accesible.

Jacob went ahead and committed the patch, but I think he was a bit  
hasty in his review. There are a couple of small changes I'd like to  
see in place before we add this patch to the Infusion 1.1.2 release.  
They shouldn't take you long at all, and will improve our code and  
reduce the number of repetitive changes you'll have to make.

1. Try adding the tabindex attribute to each of the Tab containers in  
JavaScript code, rather than in the markup. This will improve our  
graceful degradation behaviour--if JavaScript is turned off, the  
container shouldn't be in the tab order. In general, it's best to add  
both ARIA and tabindex change in code, not in the markup.

2. A tiny detail: Can you make sure we've got a line break and the  
standard 4 spaces between script tags in each HTML file?

Jacob, can you back your commit of Joan's patch out and commit his new  
patch when he implements these small changes?

As for suggestions for new issues to work on:

This issue is a bit more subtle than the last one I gave you, but it  
should be doable. In short, all of our components have a basic  
contract with the user: all components must be rooted in a container  
element. That container can be specified as anything "jQueryable:" a  
jQuery instance, an element, or a selector string.

In the Reorderer, we have a couple of cases where containers are  
passed around without first calling fluid.container() on them or  
wrapping them as jQuery instances. It's a minor fix, but something  
that will require a bit of thought. The user who filed this issue was  
pretty comprehensive, so it should be straightforward.

Once again, great work Joan and it's nice to have you on board!


On 29-Sep-09, at 1:42 PM, Jacob Farber wrote:

> Thanks for the patch Joan, looks great. Better still, using the  
> keyboard I found a bug in the code I wrote.
> I think it’s time to change the demo portal code into component- 
> friendly code J
> Jacob
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> Subject: RE: JIRA > Accessibility for demos portal > ask for review  
> (2)
> The major changes are in:
> fluid-all/infusion/src/webapp/demos/portal/js/demoAssets javascript  
> file.
> Also demo.html are afected (2 javascript includes and 1 minor style  
> change in the ul html tag..
> --> Missatge original de Joan García Vila (jgarciavila at uoc.edu) per  
> a "colinbdclark at gmail.com" enviat el 29/09/2009 18:03:08
> - JIRA:
> http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-3197
> Hello Collin and Justin, this is a review request for the patch  
> posted to the previous jira url.
> I've modified the in order to place the role and the aria state  
> (selected) to the tabs created as a response of the XmlHttpRequest.
> Hope the code would be good enough.
> Please, could you assign me new JIRAS.
> Many thanks in advance,
> cheers,
> joan.

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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