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Joan Garcia Vila jgarciavila at uoc.edu
Mon Nov 30 11:22:29 UTC 2009

Hi James.Many thanks for your quick response.Only one more question/suggestion: - ... when user clicks "report abuse" , the comment is marked (attribute abuse=1) and becomes out off the view. In this way, user who reports sees the comment disappear which is good ("Something happened in the UI after a click it done").  That is, the comments lists is filtered (comment.abuse != 1).When the moderator decides that the comment is "abuse" hi can delete it. But, if he decides the opposite, the abuse attribute is set to 0 so it will become visible again. Makes sense?many thanks in advance,cheers,joan.--> Missatge original de James William Yoon (james.yoon at utoronto.ca) per a Joan García Vila enviat el 26/11/2009 20:16:22Woah, that was weird. Copying and pasting from the Jira comment somehow copied both raw text and the marked up text. Apologies for the redundancy.On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 2:09 PM, James William Yoon <james.yoon at utoronto.ca> wrote:Hey Joan,Great question. I've posted a comment to the Jira. Here's a copy:"Report abuse" functionality hasn't been fully fleshed out, but the idea scaffold is as follows:- User taps "Report abuse" for a comment- List of reported comments abuse on museum moderator/administrator's side would update to include said comment- At this list, moderator should be able to see all the abuse-flagged comments, and delete/hide comments as necessary 
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