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I have been looking at your patches and have some comments/questions.


This seems to work in NVDA in Firefox. Not working in JAWS.
Was it working in all cases for you, or is this the case where JAWS and IE are lacking support.

Line 132 - 133 could probably be put into one call using the object version of the attr function. Which you used in the undo patch.

For the value of "aria-valuetext" you may want to look into our string templating scheme. Although it might be overkill in this case, you probably could at least move the unitText into a strings object, for consistency with other components. 

strings: {
    unitText: "point"


I think your test may actually be wrong.
Line 49: I think slider.slider("value") should actually be "expected".  

You should be able to write " " + "point" as " point". You may also want to make a function to assemble this string and then have tests for different types of unitText options.


So in this incarnation, the view and edit mode are read the same way. This may be confusing and may not suggest to the user how to switch modes. You have probably put more thought into this than I have though, so it would be interesting to know what some pros and cons are with this implementation versus others.


The live region itself doesn't work in FF 2, but the markup does appear to be correct. Did you experience this as well?

A bit off topic, what is your opinion on this. Since the undo/redo buttons will change the text of the content (the view mode text for inline edit), should these also be declared as live regions. Also should the undo and redo buttons describe what they are doing for example "undo edit".

- Justin

On 2009-11-12, at 2:17 PM, Alison Benjamin wrote:

> Hi, 
> Please find attached to http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-3171 
> a patch I have created and tested for technical accessibility to JAWS and NVDA. 
> FLUID-2652 and FLUID 3227 are two small patches that also require review. 
> Thank you, 
> Alison 
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