Free, accessible Date Picker needed

Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at
Tue Nov 24 17:45:38 UTC 2009

Hi folks, 

We are looking for a free, accessible date picker (at least date, it would be wonderful if it had accessible time picking but I'm not sure there is anything out there like that at this point) to use in the Opencast Matterhorn ( Administration Application. 

We'd love to use the Fluid Date TIme Picker if anyone out there wants to implement that 'carrot' component. :) However, I'm not sure this will be happening anytime soon so in the interim I'm wondering if anyone has found a free, accessible date or date-time picker they'd recommend? 

Though we can't do it right now, we may be able to do some development at some point to do some development work to improve the accessibility of the date(-time) picker we choose. Additionally, because accessibility isn't actually a 'must have' for the upcoming 'preview' release of the Admin app it doesn't have to be perfect right now, but I'm hoping there is something better out there than the jQuery Date-Time picker (, which doesn't appear to be keyboard accessible at all unless you know its access keys. 


Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Interaction Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley
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