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Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 14:02:58 UTC 2009

Sent my reply from the wrong e-mail account, so it didn't make it to the list. 


- Justin

Begin forwarded message:

> Hello Sveto,
> Sorry I didn't get back to you before you left yesterday. I talked a bit with Colin yesterday and this seems to be along the same path. Just be aware that the strategy may have to change as we go along though. 
> Colin may have some more comments to pass along to you. 
> As for the structure, I'm not sure that the museum information needs to be associated with each artifact. I'm not sure if a user will be specific to a single institution, or be able to view a collection of artefacts from many institutions at once. James and/or Colin may have some thoughts on this.
> - Justin

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