Prepping Mobile Wireframes for User Testing

Alistair Jones ajonesolt at
Tue Nov 24 09:36:24 UTC 2009

Hi Tona,

I'm not sure when you will be doing your user testing (perhaps you
have started already?)  I was wondering if you needed anything else in
the User Ready wireframes.  Let me know if I can do anything to help!
See you tonight in the design meeting


On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 12:10 PM, tona monjo <tonamonjo at> wrote:
> Hi Alistair,
> It would be interesting if you could also work on the
> FEM_Exhibitions.graffle, because it's included on the tasks for the user
> testing.
> We should also have a new version for FEM_VisitorsAlsoEnjoyed.graffle and
> FEM_RelatedObjects.graffle, but surely you're planning to work on it after
> creating the 3 new artifact pages.
> About the FEM_MyCollection.graffle, I cannot open the version currently at
> the SVN. Could you review it? (maybe it has uploaded wrongly).
> Thanks!!
> Tona
> On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 11:43 AM, tona monjo <tonamonjo at> wrote:
>> Hi Alistair,
>> Great work! I've had a look at the new versions of the wireframes, and
>> they really look much better with actual contents.
>> I send you some comments below (in red):
>> On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 8:12 PM, Alistair Jones <ajonesolt at>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi James and Tona and all,
>>> I've been working on replacing all the thumbnails and the Lorem Ipsum
>>> text for all the mobile wireframes from the last design.  Since I was
>>> a rookie with OmniGraffle, I duplicated a lot of the canvases to be
>>> safe, so you should see everything there.
>> Ok, I will review all the canvases to be sure that the new ones are
>> corrent, and then I'll remove the old versions.
>>> Everything is replaced except for home screen, where it says "icon" in
>>> place of the exhibitions, collections, code entry etc.  Do we have
>>> icons for those some where?  Should I try to come up with something?
>> We have no icons for these options by now. It would be a good idea if you
>> would try to find something, but if you need some help in this task, please
>> tell me.
>>> So all the Lorem Ipsum text is replaced, but there are still some
>>> things that will need to be done before these wireframes are ready for
>>> the user tests.  Much of it will involve some level of coordinating
>>> the wireframes with the evaluation plan.  For example, I still need to
>>> create 3 or so artifact pages that the tester's will be able to view,
>>> and I'll do that after I take a closer look at the evaluation plan.
>>> Plus I know the evaluation plan is well-along, but not rock solid yet,
>>> so everyone's thoughts they had over the weekend are still quite
>>> welcome.
>> I agree with you. We are working in depth in the testing protocol during
>> this week, so when the all tasks will be defined, we should revise the
>> wireframes to ensure that there isn't any gap.
>>> Other minor things that I thought of are...
>>> ...the "me" in the comments.  How will we handle this?  Should there
>>> be no "me" comments when the user begins?
>> Yes, the first time the user enters, he shouldn't see any "me" comment.
>> But in the context of the user testing, I think we could assume that the
>> user has sent some comment before. From my point of view, it could be
>> interesting to keep this icon, and to inquiry about it to the participant
>> after finishing the tasks related to comments, to know if he really
>> understands it. Do you agree?
>>> ...about the expanding description in the artifact view.  Should I do
>>> one set of the artifact pages with description collapsed + each of the
>>> subsections (comments, audio video, tags, etc) individually expanded
>>> and than another set with the description expanded + each of the
>>> subsections individually expanded.  Perhaps that would be overkill.  I
>>> hope I didn't lose you with that question.
>> We may have a version of the page with all the panels collapsed, and
>> another version with all expanded. Then we may cut these panels, to have a
>> interactive version where the panels can collapse/expand. Could it be
>> technically feasible for this mockups' testing version?
>>> ...the "Events" section on the "Exhibition" Page.  Does that just show
>>> the next single event? or all the events on that will be on that day?
>>> If the latter is true, we'd have a lot of unnecessary text with "Today
>>> at 10:00", "Today at 11:15" and maybe it should be the button should
>>> be Today's Events instead of Events.
>> It shows next events, so when there are no events today, it shows
>> tomorrow's or the nearest future's events.
>>> ...the file size of the audio and video files on the "Exhibition"
>>> Page. I didn't know the rational behind that.  Shouldn't all they need
>>> to know be the running time?  Or are they able to download to download
>>> those items to their hard drive.
>> Good remark! I'll remove the file size note, and I'll assimilate the
>> design of this section to the design we have on the artifact's page for the
>> video and audio panel.
>>> Well that about does it. Thanks for making it through my email!  I'd
>>> love to hear your feedback on those questions and any thoughts you
>>> have about coordinating the wireframes to work with our evaluation
>>> plan.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Alistair
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