UofT Opening Reception: Monday Nov 23rd, 6pm-8pm

Victoria Moulder vmoulder at sfu.ca
Fri Nov 20 23:58:56 UTC 2009

Hi All;

This coming Monday is the opening reception of our much loved SIAT Professor Steve DiPaolo at UofT.  If you have the time and interest in viewing a cognitive art/science installation using Darwinian evolution and Darwin’s very portrait gaze, please stop by and say hello!  

Where: Univ.. of Toronto, Inst. for the History & Philosophy of
Science & Technology (IHPST)
  As part of the Darwin 2009 '150 Years after Origin' Festival
  Victoria College, 3rd Floor,  Univ. of Toronto.

When: Nov 21-24: Sat 6-8pm; Sun, Mon, Tue: 9am-8pm - Public Exhibition hours.

Opening Reception: Monday Nov 23rd, 6pm-8pm

Cognitive scientist and artist, Steve DiPaola, uses computer-based
Darwinian evolutionary to evolve families of related generative
portraits that strive to resemble Darwin's gaze from Collier's 1883
portrait (at Cambridge during this anniversary year). However since
the process is imbued with techniques gleaned from human creativity,
portraits can favor wider creative artistic exploration over dogged

See website for details and images: http://www.darwinsgaze.com

Best, Vicki

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