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Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at
Thu Nov 19 20:58:00 UTC 2009

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Colin, Antranig, et al.:

Thanks so much for the discussion that was started in the developer  
meeting today, regarding my addition of the "displayOnlySelectors" to  
the UISpec. I know that the Renderer data binding should do the job,  
but I couldn't get it to work

I've created a test case that illustrates the problem we were having  
with the autobinding, and I've filed a JIRA for it. Hopefully, I'm  
just using the data binding wrong, and I can close the JIRA as "not a  
bug," but I wanted a number to commit against :-)

The JIRA includes references to the test files I included - they're in  
the manual-tests section of SVN.

Basically, I have an <input> and a <span> both autobound to the same  
value in a model. The initial rendering confirms this by displaying  
the same text in both places. But if you change the model value by  
typing something different into the <input> field, the contents of the  
<span> don't automatically change. (The "Show current model" button  
will trigger a dump of the current model contents into a different  
span, next to the button.)

This test case also illustrates another issue we found (so perhaps I'm  
overloading the files...):
If you programmatically change the contents of the <input>, that new  
value doesn't end up in the model! Perhaps I'm wrong in believing it  

Thanks for any thoughts you have on this. I'd really like to find a  
better way to implement this functionality.

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