question about using sessionID for the Infusion Builder process

Laurel A. Williams laurel.williams at
Tue Nov 17 18:12:18 UTC 2009

I've been working in the past week on a small script to remove temporary 
files generated by the Infusion Builder during the build process. I'd 
like to bounce some thoughts off people about the technique I've used to 
save the temporary results of the build and the potential problems I'm 
wondering about.

Currently, temporary files are stored in 'path/sessionID'. The script 
searches in the path for files older than 24 hrs and removes them.

My sesson ID is the same from one day to the next (probably due to 
Thunderbird's session restore). I was not expecting this, but it makes 
So instead of creating a new tmp directory with a new sessionID, the 
builder replaces all the files in the old sessionID directory. So my 
script is always unsuccessful. But this is not so much what is worrying me.

What is concerning me is that each unique build from the 'same user' is 
copying over the result of the previous build. I'm pretty sure this is 
ok as long as each build is completely finished before the next one 
begins (competely finished = ant and maven scripts complete, results 
copied into cache directory and mysql database updated). However, is it 
possible that this could happen with some 'overlap'? So one build gets 
half finished and the other build starts and begins to overwrite files 
from the first build? How could I test this possibility? How could I 
prevent this from happening? I'm thinking one solution would be to 
change the temporary storage directory to include both a session number 
and a timestamp, but I'm sure there are other solutions.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?


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