Prepping Mobile Wireframes for User Testing

James William Yoon james.yoon at
Tue Nov 17 15:13:11 UTC 2009

Hey Alistair and Tona,

>> I've been working on replacing all the thumbnails and the Lorem Ipsum
>> text for all the mobile wireframes from the last design.  Since I was
>> a rookie with OmniGraffle, I duplicated a lot of the canvases to be
>> safe, so you should see everything there.
> Ok, I will review all the canvases to be sure that the new ones are corrent,
> and then I'll remove the old versions.

I mentioned this to Alistair earlier off-list, but just to be clear,
we should try to create separate files in a separate directory for
user-testing ready wireframes. Otherwise, it'll just become a clumsy
mess of canvases (and it's already in need of cleanup!)--we want to be
able to print up the user-testing ready wireframes without having to
sift through working copies.

>> Everything is replaced except for home screen, where it says "icon" in
>> place of the exhibitions, collections, code entry etc.  Do we have
>> icons for those some where?  Should I try to come up with something?
> We have no icons for these options by now. It would be a good idea if you
> would try to find something, but if you need some help in this task, please
> tell me.

Given that this is still a relatively early user test, I think we can
do without the icons for the home screen for this round. That said, I
know I'm contradicting myself a bit because I encouraged the creation
of a draft audio icon for the artifact view, but this is mainly
because the artifact view was further along in maturity than the home

>> Other minor things that I thought of are...
>> ...the "me" in the comments.  How will we handle this?  Should there
>> be no "me" comments when the user begins?
> Yes, the first time the user enters, he shouldn't see any "me" comment.
> But in the context of the user testing, I think we could assume that the
> user has sent some comment before. From my point of view, it could be
> interesting to keep this icon, and to inquiry about it to the participant
> after finishing the tasks related to comments, to know if he really
> understands it. Do you agree?

Agreed. We should have two versions--one with "me" and one without.

>> ...about the expanding description in the artifact view.  Should I do
>> one set of the artifact pages with description collapsed + each of the
>> subsections (comments, audio video, tags, etc) individually expanded
>> and than another set with the description expanded + each of the
>> subsections individually expanded.  Perhaps that would be overkill.  I
>> hope I didn't lose you with that question.
> We may have a version of the page with all the panels collapsed, and another
> version with all expanded. Then we may cut these panels, to have a
> interactive version where the panels can collapse/expand. Could it be
> technically feasible for this mockups' testing version?

How about we do a compromise? One with all collapsed, another with all
expanded, and four more with one of each expanded?

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