Jasig 2010 Call For Proposals -- Deadline Extended

Paul Zablosky Paul.Zablosky at ubc.ca
Tue Nov 17 00:15:14 UTC 2009

The Proposal deadline for *Jasig's March 2010 conference* has been 
extended one more week until *Wednesday, November 25th*.  If you are 
doing innovative work in technology for higher education, we welcome you 
to submit a presentation.

We want to hear about new projects, large and small, and new 
technologies that will have an impact on higher education in the years 
to come.

Join us in *San Diego* this March.

*Ten Years of Open Source Innovation*
March 8 - 10, 2009

The Town and Country Resort, San Diego, California

Supplementary Seminars on March 7th and the afternoon of March 10th
Developer Workshops, March 11 - 12

*Call* *for* *Proposals* *now open*
Deadline for submission of proposals for half or full day seminars has 
passed and will not be extended
Deadline for submission of proposals for all other sessions: extended to 
November 25, 2009

Conference site: http://www.ja-sig.org/conferences/10spring/index.html

Dear Colleague:

Help us celebrate Jasig's 10th anniversary in San Diego with outstanding 
speakers and special events.

The focus is on innovation this year. We'll be highlighting new and 
established work from higher education institutions:  Projects you 
should know about; local projects in search of community; creative work 
by established communities of practice; projects that exist only as a 
gleam in the eye of a creative developer.

Come and see presentations and seminars on new technologies soon to 
impact higher education.  We're seeking talks on topics such as Scala, 
Spring 3, deployment to the Cloud, Groovy, Grails, REST, Jersey, mobile 
applications, etc.

We invite you to propose talks, seminars, birds-of-a-feather sessions, 
demos, and poster session displays on new and current campus 
applications: Enterprise portlets, CAS, uPortal, Bedework Calendar, 
Identity & Access Management, Fluid, ESUP Helpdesk, OpenRegistry, Sakai, 
Kuali, Internet2 Middleware Solutions, Fedora and DSpace, and others.

Talks will be presented in one of four tracks:

    * *Designing & Developing*
      For developers, architects, UX designers, testers. Presentations
      for people who build applications.
    * *Deploying & Integrating*
      For people who need to make applications work on campus:
      developers, content providers, team leaders, evangelists. In
      particular, we would like to highlight work that integrates open
      source projects within the enterprise infrastructure and with each
    * *Managing & Governing*
      What are best practices for managing community source projects or
      their deployments on campus? For encouraging adoption? For gaining
      acceptance and campus buy-in? For engaging your community in the
      processes? Presentations for managers, team leaders, executives,
      planners and strategists.
    * *Looking Ahead*
      What are the technologies that will impact higher education in the
      coming years? What project work, prototypes, plans, and local
      campus applications would you like to share with a community of
      your peers?

Half-day Supplementary Seminars will be held in the morning and 
afternoon on Sunday, March 7th as well as on Wednesday (March 10th) 

Proposals may be entered on the Jasig Conference Website. Proposals 
require a Title, an Abstract (under 500 words), a Presenter Profile, and 
some basic affiliation information.  This year we are also asking 
proposal submitters to select tags that best describe their proposals.

Submit your proposal directly at 
http://www.ja-sig.org/jasigconf/call-form.jsp?conf_id=jasig17 or from 
the conference home page, where you can find all the details: 
http://www.ja-sig.org/conferences/10spring/index.html (Click the Call 
for Proposals link on the left).

We look forward to seeing you at *Ten Years of Open Source Innovation*!

-The Jasig 2010 Spring Conference Planning Committee

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