Prepping Mobile Wireframes for User Testing

Alistair Jones ajonesolt at
Mon Nov 16 19:12:41 UTC 2009

Hi James and Tona and all,

I've been working on replacing all the thumbnails and the Lorem Ipsum
text for all the mobile wireframes from the last design.  Since I was
a rookie with OmniGraffle, I duplicated a lot of the canvases to be
safe, so you should see everything there.

Everything is replaced except for home screen, where it says "icon" in
place of the exhibitions, collections, code entry etc.  Do we have
icons for those some where?  Should I try to come up with something?

So all the Lorem Ipsum text is replaced, but there are still some
things that will need to be done before these wireframes are ready for
the user tests.  Much of it will involve some level of coordinating
the wireframes with the evaluation plan.  For example, I still need to
create 3 or so artifact pages that the tester's will be able to view,
and I'll do that after I take a closer look at the evaluation plan.
Plus I know the evaluation plan is well-along, but not rock solid yet,
so everyone's thoughts they had over the weekend are still quite

Other minor things that I thought of are...

...the "me" in the comments.  How will we handle this?  Should there
be no "me" comments when the user begins?

...about the expanding description in the artifact view.  Should I do
one set of the artifact pages with description collapsed + each of the
subsections (comments, audio video, tags, etc) individually expanded
and than another set with the description expanded + each of the
subsections individually expanded.  Perhaps that would be overkill.  I
hope I didn't lose you with that question.

...the "Events" section on the "Exhibition" Page.  Does that just show
the next single event? or all the events on that will be on that day?
If the latter is true, we'd have a lot of unnecessary text with "Today
at 10:00", "Today at 11:15" and maybe it should be the button should
be Today's Events instead of Events.

...the file size of the audio and video files on the "Exhibition"
Page. I didn't know the rational behind that.  Shouldn't all they need
to know be the running time?  Or are they able to download to download
those items to their hard drive.

Well that about does it. Thanks for making it through my email!  I'd
love to hear your feedback on those questions and any thoughts you
have about coordinating the wireframes to work with our evaluation


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