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Leah Maestri leahmaestri at
Fri Nov 13 18:30:25 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have posted the notes from Kevin and my visit to the Museum of
Anthropology here in Vancouver, to the wiki. You can find them here:

This page is also accessible on the Fluid Engage Design page under
"Contextual Research":

I encourage everyone to have a read through the notes as there are
considerable differences between what we're doing for the DIA's kiosk and
what MOA's doing for the CAT system. It's interesting to note that while
both museums have the goal of *'augmenting the visitor's experience'*, they
have very different approaches to doing so. I think it's important to keep
this in mind when we move forward with Engage and how we hope to cater to
various museum types.

I hope this is helpful. Hopefully we can do more site visits like this in
the future.

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