Everyone's input needed: voting and feedback on Fluid Engage logos

Seamus Byrne seamus at seamus.ws
Wed Nov 11 09:45:45 UTC 2009

Hi Folks,

Nice work on the new Fluid Engage brand explorations and congratulations 
on yet another new family member of the Fluid Brand. My favourite is 
logo "N" as it is clean and simple – less is more.

As The Fluid Project continues to grow from strength-to-strength by 
extending your offerings, it is very important that the Fluid brand is 
presented consistently to increase brand awareness. I noticed that in 
the Engage logo explorations the word "Fluid" differs considerably from 
the original umbrella Fluid mark. The typeface is different, the lower 
case "f" replaces the uppercase, and the wildcard icon above the letter 
"i", is out of proportion.

I recommend keeping the word "Fluid" (in the Fluid Engage brand) 
visually consistent with the umbrella brand (Unless of course you are 
realigning the Fluid brand itself).

Kind Regards,

Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> On 9-Nov-09, at 5:13 PM, James William Yoon wrote:
>> We've come up with five good candidates for the Fluid Engage logo.
> Very nice work!
> I very much like the idea of the circle of people somehow "affecting" 
> the letter 'e' - I think it captures some of the principles of Engage 
> well - people contributing to the exhibits with tagging, etc.
> I also agree with the comments about the tilted 'e' reminding them of 
> the Internet Explorer logo. Perhaps the 'e' could be modified in some 
> other way? Enlarged a bit, or bolded, or otherwise embellished? Lots 
> of people seem to like the 'many dots' logo - perhaps the circle of 
> people could somehow be adding the many dots to the 'e'? :-)

All the Best,

Seamus Byrne 

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