Nightly build failing

Michelle michelle.dsouza at
Tue Nov 10 21:48:40 UTC 2009


I'm sure if you're on the commits list you've noticed that the nightly  
build is failing. I'm not sure how to fix this and I'm hoping someone  
out there can help.

The build happens through an ant script that calls out to maven in  
order to build the war. When the war is being created on the server,  
maven seems to be trying to copy things into '/' which it can't do  
since it's not run as root and of course shouldn't do. It then tries  
to find files relative to root which causes a 'no such file or  
directory' error. You can see the full logs here:

The build works perfectly happily on both my machine and Colin's  

Interestingly, this hasn't been a problem before Saturday. The only  
thing we can think of that happened on Saturday was that the maven  
repository was removed and rebuilt.

So, maven experts out there - any idea how to fix this?



Michelle D'Souza
Software Developer, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
University of Toronto

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