[Decapod] UI development discussion / planning

Jonathan Hung jhung.utoronto at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 20:48:23 UTC 2009

Dear Boyan, Michell, and larger Fluid and Decapod communities.

I would like to set up a meeting to discuss the development of the Decapod
UI with respect to the first deliverable. Specifically:

- what is the current state of UI development, what is our timeline?
- coordination of design and development (jira, IRC, etc.)
- is there anything required from Design that is missing?
- is there enough direction / knowledge so that development can proceed with
the 0.5y deliverable?

If there is anything that people would like to add to the above, please do
so and we'll try to discuss it during the meeting.


- Jonathan.

Jonathan Hung / jhung.utoronto at gmail.com
Fluid Project - ATRC at University of Toronto
Tel: (416) 946-3002
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