Uploader server (Image Gallery) build working again

Justin Obara obara.justin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 13:48:38 UTC 2009

I don't think we've actually ever had this link up on the daily build  
site. I can't quite remember why, but i think it had to do with the  
way the images persisted on the server.

It would be easier, for testing, to have a link on the daily build  
site, but maybe we should add a warning so that people are aware not  
to upload anything private.

- Justin
On 2009-11-07, at 1:07 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> The link to the Uploader Server seems to have been removed from the  
> build site (or am I missing it?), but here's a direct URL you can  
> use when testing the Uploader with a real server back-end:
> http://build.fluidproject.org:8080/sakai-imagegallery2-web

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