Need help with FLUID-3205 (Video Player caption sync)

Armin Krauss mackrauss at
Sun Nov 8 22:33:03 UTC 2009

Hi Colin,

I have Firefox 3.5.5 on Mac 10.6.1 and I can't start the video, too. I tried
it with Safari and was able to watch
the video.

I then tried another Ogg Video to see if it in principle works with my FF. I
can view this Video<>

Hope this helps.


On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 15:03, Colin Clark <colin.clark at> wrote:

> Hey,
> I'm currently looking into FLUID-3205, an issue with the new Infusion HTML
> 5 Video Player component where captions appear to run out of sync with the
> video in Firefox 3.5.
> While I know they were working for me in the past, I can't get the Ogg
> Theora-formatted videos in the final report to play at all in Firefox 3.5.5.
> Hit play, and nothing happens. Try this in your version of Firefox, and tell
> me what you see:
> It appear to be an issue with the way we encoded these videos. If I use
> Firefogg, a simple Ogg encoder extension for Firefox, the videos play back
> great using the Video Player on my local system. The captions also appear to
> be in sync with the video.
> Assuming this is indeed the issue, I'm wondering if we still have the
> original source videos (.mov files exported from iMovie) so that we can
> correctly re-encode them as Theora? If not, we can use the H.264 versions as
> the source, with some reduced quality of output. Michelle, do you have all
> the original movies for the screencasts kicking around somewhere on your
> machine by chance?
> I've fixed a handful of other issues that improve the experience and
> reliability of the Video Player. Next up, we'll want to tweak the styling
> and visual design of the component to make it awesome for the new Engage
> site. After that, I think a "sneak peek" of the component will be ready for
> inclusion in the next release of Infusion.
> Colin
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